Equipment Finance

Back your business with the equipment it needs to thrive

Give your business and your team exactly what they need to thrive with an equipment loan. We’re here to help you find the very best in equipment finance for your business.

Get MAW for your business without the financial strain.

Equipment finance can vary from lender to lender, with so many different considerations involved. Our brokers will work with you to learn about your business, finances and find the best case finance solution for you.

Work Vehicle Fleet

Depending on your industry, the quality of your work fleet can be so important. Your company vehicles represent your company, and they can affect the efficiency and productivity of your team.

New Fitout

A new fit-out can attract walk-in business, boost the time spent inside your establishment, and create a more pleasant space for your team to work in.

Upgraded Equipment

The equipment you use at work can severely impact your team’s productivity and the quality of the service you deliver. It’s a fantastic investment for your business and your team.

We deal with 40 different lenders to
find the best loan for you.

Why partner with a mortgage broker?

We have more choice

We’re lucky to have 40 different lenders to negotiate with on your behalf. It allows us the freedom we need to find you the best equipment finance possible for your business.

We do it for you

We’ll do all the research and negotiating and put the application together on your behalf. We’re committed to saving you time and minimising the stress involved in the process.

We work for you, not the bank

Our team is here to offer you total support throughout the process. We’re always working on your side to help you succeed — not the banks.

How our equipment finance make you MAW Money & Less Stressed

Save MAW Money

We’ll dig into the research and negotiate on your behalf to save your business cash through the process.

We've got your back

We’re here for you, not the lender. We’ll always be working in your best interest to help you succeed.

We're your negotiator

We know what we’re doing. We’ll do everything we can to secure the most competitive equipment finance for you.

The perfect loan for YOU

The security and repayments can vary significantly between different equipment finance solutions. We’ll find the best for you.

No mountain of paperwork

Our online portal offers you convenience. Upload all your documentation in the portal, and we’ll put your application together.

We're here for you

Think of us as your partner in finance, your financial hand to hold. We’ll answer any questions you have whenever you need.

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