Personal Loans

Personal loans should start with you, the person

Are you buying a new car? Consolidating debt? Going on holiday? No matter why, our brokers will walk you through the personal loan process, from application to settlement.

Personal loans should be just that We personalise every loan.

You need a loan that suits you. That’s why we team up with 40 different lenders to find you a fantastic rate and structure on your loan. We’ll navigate the whole process, too, negotiating on your behalf and translating the finance speak as we go.

Consolidate Debt

Uncomplicate things. Consolidate your debt into a personal loan, so you have one loan, one repayment, and one interest rate.

Make That Big Purchase

Have your eyes on a new car? A boat? Buy it with a personal loan. We’ll make sure the loan is perfect for you.

Or, Treat Yourself

Personal loans are just that — personal. Go on holiday or pay for your lavish wedding. We’ll take care of the loan.

We deal with 40 different lenders to
find the best loan for you.

Why partner with a mortgage broker?

We have more choice

With 40 different lenders to choose from, we’re sure to find a personal loan you’ll love.

We do it for you

Personal loan applications can be stressful. We’ll hold your hand the entirety of the way.

We work for you, not the bank

Your broker is here to work in your best interest, not the banks’. We’re here to make you MAW Money.

How our personal loans make you MAW Money & Less Stressed

Save MAW Money

We save you money in the long run by working to find you the most competitive personal loan.

We've got your back

We’re always on your side, not the lenders. So, we’ll always work with your best interest in mind.

We're your negotiator

When it comes to personal loans, we know exactly what we’re doing. We’ll find you the best loan.

The perfect loan for YOU

Not all personal loans are made the same. We’ll find a loan with the rate and structure to suit you.

No mountain of paperwork

Our simple online portal makes uploading and staying on top of your documentation simple.

We're here for you

As your partner in finance, we’re to answer any questions you might have in the personal loan process.

Make MAW Money Today.

Get started by getting in touch with us for an obligation-free discussion. We’ll learn all about your financial goals and tailor our approach to you.