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Unlock the freedom of
being a homeowner

Your first home or second investment property, we’ll hold your hand and take you through the home loan application process step by step.

Home loans don't need to be a hassle. We uncomplicate finance.

Fixed-rate, variable, LMI, LVR — you can stop studying the jargon. At MAW Money, we’re all about uncomplicating finance, so you can spend more time dreaming about your property instead of stressing out about acronyms.

First Home Buyers

Your maiden voyage through the home loan space will be so exciting, but there’s a lot to consider too. Our team is committed to simplifying the process and guiding you through every stage — from application to settlement.

Upgrade Your Home

You’ve been chipping away at your home loan for a while, and now, you’re finally ready to upgrade. What’s your borrowing power, and what happens next? Your MAW Money broker will assist you through the refinancing process.

Find a Better Deal

Have you entered the property market in a hurry initially? Are you emerging at the end of a fixed-rate term? We’ll support you through the refinancing process and help you find a loan that suits you.

We deal with 40 different lenders to
find the best loan for you.

Why partner with a mortgage broker?

We have more choice

We wade through all the offers our 40 different lenders have to find you the very best home loan.

We walk you through it

A bank hands you the documents and leaves you to your own devices. We hold your hand the entire time.

We work for you, not the bank

We’re here to find you the very best home loan, and we’re always working in your interest, not the banks’.

How our home loans make you MAW Money & Less Stressed

Save MAW Money

We find you the most competitive home loan we can make so that you can own your home for less.

We've got your back

We’re here to work in your best interest. We’re always working on your side, not the lenders.

We're your negotiator

Our mortgage brokers know how to navigate their way through a home loan. We’ll do it for you.

The perfect loan for YOU

Not all home loans are made equal. We’ll find a home loan with the rate and the structure you need.

No mountain of paperwork

We’ll walk you through the lodgement of all your application using our simple online portal

We're here for you

We’re your partner in finance and your tour guide throughout the home loan process.

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