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New Year, New Home Loan?

With a new year comes plenty of new year’s resolutions. Lose weight. Get fit. Stop drinking. Eat better. Go on holiday more. Save more. Rinse. Repeat.

They’re always the same, and sure, they’re all important but are these lifestyle centric goals all you should be focusing on? What would you do if there were plenty of other options you could quickly enact if you took the time to get onto your financial adviser or mortgage broker?

What would you do if these other options could save you thousands of dollars a year and potentially tens of thousands over the long run?

You’d get on-board, wouldn’t you?

We’ve got a new year’s resolution you should aim for right now, and that’s taking the time to assess your current home loan and whether you’re happy with the rate and service you’re getting.

You might be on a fixed interest rate that’s soon to expire, or maybe you’re on a variable with a provider you’ve been with for a long time (and you’re loyal to). You might even have signed up to a fixed rate just before the major rate reductions were enacted to counter the effects of the pandemic.

It does not matter – any time is an excellent time to have your mortgage reviewed by an independent broker from a cost and service broker.

For example, an independent mortgage broker, like us at MAW Money, will do a deep dive on your loan product and determine if you’re getting the best possible rate and service. Maybe you are getting a competitive rate, but you’re not being rewarded for equity of offset balance (and being given access to the best possible rates).

You might even find that another lender might offer you an incredible interest rate, making paying a break fee viable.

Maybe your current loan is the right one for you, and you don’t need to switch it up.

All we know is that it’s worth keeping your lender honest and on their toes. Make them work for you! At no cost, we’ll look at your product and quickly be able to tell you if there is another solution that works for you, now and into the long-term.

So, if you’re ready for the MAW Money team to conduct a ‘Mortgage Fitness Health Check’, get in touch with us today for your obligation free discussion

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